Devas and Demons Wiki

Welcome to the World of Devas and Demons[]

A world where the barriers between God and Man have all but ceased to exist. This has rendered the Earth a chaotic battlefield for an endless number of wars that have been fought since the beginning of recorded history. However, there are many secrets the unkown period before the barrier break hold which have left many clues. The most important being a mythical prophecy that is rumored to hold the key to either creating balance between the worlds or causing complete annihilation. The story follows Echo Sonne, an awkward yet gifted adolescent boy in his journey to bring peace to a world full of nothing but turmoil.

DaD Wiki Purpose[]

A place where the unique and giant world of Devas and Demons will be layed out. It will contain the all the information on the world's immense mythology, geography, character information and much more. The wiki will not contain many story elements, but will contain some that are not spoilers.